Neurogenics and Nutrigenomics of Neuro-Nutrient Therapy for Reward Deficiency Syndrome: Clinical Ramifications as a Function of Molecular Neurobiological Mechanisms

Authors: Kenneth Blum, Merlene Miller, david Miller, john Giordano, Siobhan Morse, Lee McCormick, B. William Downs, Roger Waite,  Elizabeth Stuller, Charles Parker, Debmayla Barh, Dennis Neal, Eric Braveman, Raquel Lohmann, Carolynn Ross, Mary Hauser, Thomas Simpatico


Dr. Elizabeth Stuller on EHL Radio speaking about specialized testing for a wide variety of neuropsychiatric problems, including ADD, anxiety, depression, autism and memory problems

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Elizabeth A Stuller, MD – Clinical Applications of Neurotransmitter Testing in Addiction Psychiatry


Dr. Elizabeth Stuller on Dr. On Call Radio Show speaking about Psychiatry without the blinders